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Meet Cait!

   I’m a born and raised San Diegan, but have always enjoyed broadening my perspective through travel. So far my favorite places have been Bali, Indonesia and Dubai. Through planning these trips for myself and others, I fell madly in love with the planning process and everything that goes into travel, events, and now weddings! 


   I have been in the Wedding & Events industry for 6 years & have loved every moment of it! My favorite part of this process is getting to know you, your style, and what details are most important to you for your big day. I take all of these things into consideration throughout the process so I can be your advocate behind the scenes, and let you enjoy your special day!


I can't wait to meet you! 


Caitlyn Jade 


Meet Jessica

  I started my career in the wedding industry 6 years ago as a Venue Coordinator. I managed multiple venues and coordinated weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. Soon after, I moved on to become an Operations Coordinator of multiple venues, focusing on assisting clients with the details leading up to the event. Finally, I began wedding planning and found where I really thrive. Caitlyn has been a mentor for the last 4 years and trained me in both wedding design and coordination. I've now been planning and coordinating weddings for 3 years at multiple venues! My favorite part of a wedding day is the first look and watching the first dance.



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